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130 Racco Parkway, Thornhill, ON

Due to COVID-19 related provincial health directives,
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Everest Ice is one of Canada's most up-to-date and comprehensive ice arenas. With 2 NHL-sized pads, healthy food services, full-scale off-ice training facilities, pro-shop, team meeting rooms and much more, Everest Ice offers hockey enthusiasts of all ages an ideal setting to develop and enjoy Canada's favorite sport.

Located conveniently at the intersection of Highway 407 and Dufferin in Thornhill, Everest Ice is also one of the easiest facilities to access in the city, ideal for tournaments and events that bring together participants from near anywhere in the GTA.

Everest Ice is also affiliated with Everest Academy, Toronto's top Private School for the development of student-athletes. Offering full daytime school programs from grades 1 through 12, Everest Academy operates inside the Everest Ice facility offering parents and students a private school environment where learning is centered around the student.

To inquire about using the Everest Ice facility, schedule a private training session, organize a team event, join a league and more, click HERE to send us your needs via our Contact form.


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